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We are excited to offer you a range of Deeper portable fish finders that are perfect for recreational fishing. Our smart fish finders are compatible with iOS and Android devices, and can be paired with your phone or tablet in seconds. 

We also offer a selection of accessories for our Deeper product range to improve your experience!

Our Deeper portable fish finders are perfect for Smart Fishing enthusiasts who want to make their fishing trips more successful. Shop now and experience the convenience of our smart fish finders.


No spot is out of reach
Deeper Sonars use a Wi-Fi connection to pair with your smartphone or tablet. This gives a powerful, stable wireless connection and the best casting range of any castable fish finder (Deepers work like a Wi-Fi hotspot - you don't need an internet or mobile network connection).

Get on the fish faster
Deeper Sonars will show you depth, contour, fish location and much more. Find fish, locate hotspots, map your favourite lakes, then get straight into the action.

Data that is always accessible
Every scan and map is saved on the Fish Deeper App, and available on any device using Fish Deeper™. Now you can build up a detailed record of every location you fish

Award winning castable fish finders